Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sewing & Glastonbury

This morning I woke up and instead of getting all worried and anxious about the day ahead, I had a moment of calm and managed to head straight to my room to set up for a morning of sewing. Sounds a bit twee but really, I am a bit twee. Twee and proud. I got myself all set up with a nice cup of coffee & glastonbury on the radio (it seems so vivid hearing it now since being there last year), chuckling to myself as I go to Adam & Joe's sillyness.

We're off to a lovely wedding later, and I've been planning on altering a pretty vintage Laura Ashley dress passed down to me from my mother-in-law to wear. Now, the way I make that sound is as if I am some sort of established dress-makery wizard, but BELIEVE me that is not the case, but for the first time ever I am getting over my fear of having a go....and having a go. How good does that feel?

So here are a few pics. It's definitely not perfect, might be a bit wonky....but I simply chopped a big section off the bottom to shorten it, hemmed it and then used the off-cut to make a ribbon-y bow tie around the waist. I think it will look really nice with a cherry red clutch bag the gorgeous Nik gave me. I hope you like it. So long for now xx

Friday, 24 June 2011

The little things are the biggest....

Got out of the office for 5 minutes to have a wonder and a wander. That seems when I'm at my most inquisitive, looking out for little quirks and wonderments. And what did I happen upon today? A tiny little green and yellow caterpillar, spread out on the shiny glossy red lip of a village post box, as if  waiting for a letter or maybe thinking of making home inside.

I didn't have a picture-taking machine with me, but I hope you can imagine my joy on discovering the little man in this oddest of places.

So, instead, here is a painting I did recently. A little outside my norm. Maybe this might be a nicer home for a little chipper caterpillar? xx

Monday, 13 June 2011

Found trying to keep it

Okay, so I realise that not being able to find my own blog is probably a sign that I need to do way more of it. Looking for it is probably a sign that I want to do more of it. So how can I keep going with it?

I am making a resolution with myself to keep it going. So there, you heard it first! (at this point I know I am pretty much talking to myself, and maybe a couple others, but hey.)

So many days I wonder away the hours, about what I could write about, or mainly what pictures I can put on as a record of some of the little bits of magic. So here we go, a few more....

Off to see the crew for tea now (minus one member who I am sending lots of get well wishes too :-D). Beautiful people that they are.

Back soon (yes, really!)


The latest from the village phone box. Looks a bit like mini-ghost people Maypole dancing - bit spooky, no?

My little walk round the secret allotments (I like to pretend they are secret, anyway) revealed a plot full of amazing cherry-red poppies, with one huge bright-pinky one sticking out of the crowd, looking papery fragile but different and bold at the same time. I like it.