Friday, 11 November 2011

This is just a feeling, it's not who I am

It's been an emotional and difficult couple of weeks for me, but I'm getting through it and reminding myself that it's not who I am.... remembering some easier times, some delightful times and places and this is a collage I made as a backdrop for my computer to remind myself about what's really important. It really makes me smile.

Monday, 31 October 2011

New pics and some old from my lunchtime walks

A couple of little snaps I took a while ago (a little ode to summer), plus a couple which are undeniably...autumn. I love my lunchtime walks, and I hereby make a resolution to do many more, even as we get into winter. I will get my coat on and brave it and feel better for it. Ps. the top left was taken on quite a reflective day back at work following our most brilliant time at the yurt we stayed at in July (can't believe it's been so long). Will write more about that soon.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Colours that are making me feel perky this week

As we come in to this new phase of the year, I'm feeling jolly and perky about colour, and in particular I'm feeling inspired to bring this to my blog so that it sings with brightness. Totally inspired by Holly Becker at Decor8 & her wonderful course 'Blogging Your Way' which I am currently taking part in.

Do you like this beautiful vintage cross-stich I found at a local antique is wonderfully old and pretty in it's pinky, mustard, chalky blues and mint-y hues. I love it! Just got to find a place for it to hang in all it's glory.

Oh, and did you notice? I have finally got around to creating a new blog title picture! H x

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sewing & Glastonbury

This morning I woke up and instead of getting all worried and anxious about the day ahead, I had a moment of calm and managed to head straight to my room to set up for a morning of sewing. Sounds a bit twee but really, I am a bit twee. Twee and proud. I got myself all set up with a nice cup of coffee & glastonbury on the radio (it seems so vivid hearing it now since being there last year), chuckling to myself as I go to Adam & Joe's sillyness.

We're off to a lovely wedding later, and I've been planning on altering a pretty vintage Laura Ashley dress passed down to me from my mother-in-law to wear. Now, the way I make that sound is as if I am some sort of established dress-makery wizard, but BELIEVE me that is not the case, but for the first time ever I am getting over my fear of having a go....and having a go. How good does that feel?

So here are a few pics. It's definitely not perfect, might be a bit wonky....but I simply chopped a big section off the bottom to shorten it, hemmed it and then used the off-cut to make a ribbon-y bow tie around the waist. I think it will look really nice with a cherry red clutch bag the gorgeous Nik gave me. I hope you like it. So long for now xx

Friday, 24 June 2011

The little things are the biggest....

Got out of the office for 5 minutes to have a wonder and a wander. That seems when I'm at my most inquisitive, looking out for little quirks and wonderments. And what did I happen upon today? A tiny little green and yellow caterpillar, spread out on the shiny glossy red lip of a village post box, as if  waiting for a letter or maybe thinking of making home inside.

I didn't have a picture-taking machine with me, but I hope you can imagine my joy on discovering the little man in this oddest of places.

So, instead, here is a painting I did recently. A little outside my norm. Maybe this might be a nicer home for a little chipper caterpillar? xx

Monday, 13 June 2011

Found trying to keep it

Okay, so I realise that not being able to find my own blog is probably a sign that I need to do way more of it. Looking for it is probably a sign that I want to do more of it. So how can I keep going with it?

I am making a resolution with myself to keep it going. So there, you heard it first! (at this point I know I am pretty much talking to myself, and maybe a couple others, but hey.)

So many days I wonder away the hours, about what I could write about, or mainly what pictures I can put on as a record of some of the little bits of magic. So here we go, a few more....

Off to see the crew for tea now (minus one member who I am sending lots of get well wishes too :-D). Beautiful people that they are.

Back soon (yes, really!)


The latest from the village phone box. Looks a bit like mini-ghost people Maypole dancing - bit spooky, no?

My little walk round the secret allotments (I like to pretend they are secret, anyway) revealed a plot full of amazing cherry-red poppies, with one huge bright-pinky one sticking out of the crowd, looking papery fragile but different and bold at the same time. I like it.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Magic in a phonebox

One of my favourite things about working in a village is sometimes feeling in a tiny bit of a way part of village life. And THIS. Some lovely person decorates the inside of the village phonebox, and when I was out walking last week I noticed it had changed from being all snowy to an ode to Valentine's day. How wonderful! I am wondering what will be next....will keep you updated on new developments from the phonebox of joy.

Friday, 11 February 2011


So, I've had a go at some illustration drawing today. Some days I really feel as though there are so many crazy ideas running around in my imagination that my head feels like it will burst! Can't remember half of them though. Every time I see a nice picture, on a poster in the street, a painting in the background of a TV programme, I think 'Ooh, I like that, maybe I could do something like that?'. But then I see something else and it's gone!

Sweet peas remind me of my Nanny Weetabix (my Mum's Mum). She grew them alot and her garden was so was she, and she wore a delicate headscarf alot. Maybe that's where my scarf addiction came from...I have never thought that before! She used to make us yummy hotdogs and bake cheese twists.... I can almost smell them now! Thank flip for the nice memories of growing up :)
Back in a day or three x

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Feeling of spring, and starting a blog!

I discovered this summerhouse last year after we moved and have thought about it ever of those places where it feels like no-one else knows about it, a kind of magical place! I remembered it differently to this though....somehow I had pictured it being colourful, with bunting and fairylights. Or maybe that is what mine will look like one day! Over the river is an allotment, so I imagine the proud owner of this hideaway drinking cool gin and tonics while tending to carrots....bit of a strange mix but I like that!